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Rainbow Fireworks is a full service professional fireworks display company based in Kansas and operating in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado.


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Check out the video of our new Luminary Lanterns!


Before you go out and have fun, be sure to check out this video on Fireworks Safety

Can Rainbow Fireworks do your fireworks display? Check out our list of possible fireworks show ideas and see where you fit in!

We can do any show almost anywhere!




Our goal and philosophy is to provide the most awesome and entertaining fireworks display for the budget authorized.



We LOVE to hear the gasps and feel the excitement ripple through the crowd during a Rainbow Fireworks display. We invite you to experience a Rainbow Fireworks display so you can experience what makes our current clients so happy.


We realize that a fireworks display repeats year after year, so we work toward providing new ideas so the display doesn't become redundant year after year.




Rainbow Fireworks operates under the principle that your fireworks display is your own fireworks display. Everyone has different expectations of a fireworks display and we build each individual display to meet the needs/wants of that customer. With this in mind, pricing can only be determined after we know what you want out of your fireworks display. Please contact us and we can begin putting together your fireworks display. If you are operating on a budget, we can build an impressive display that will cost exactly what you have allotted. We are proud of our past shows and invite you to check out a small list of some fireworks shows we have done, as well as a list of some references who are willing to discuss our fireworks display shows with you.



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