When it comes to special moments in our lives, few can come close to the day that we are wed. Great attention and care is paid to even the smallest details, creating that blessed event and those cherished memories. Rainbow Fireworks offers that same attention and care when it comes to enhancing your wedding.

Imagine being able to show how you feel inside by painting it across the sky in fireworks. We can arrange beautiful displays for almost any kind of event. The possibilities are almost limitless.

With our flexibility, integrity, and 19 years of experience, Rainbow Fireworks can make your wedding sparkle and glow on almost any budget. They’re your memories, and they’re worth it.

Guidelines for planning a fireworks display for your wedding celebration:

  • Minimum pricing is $2,000.00 plus travel expenses, this cost will be dependent on current fuel pricing, at $1.00/mile plus permits and fees for your site. Generally, the permit fees will be $10.00 to $100.00 per event.
  • Just as a guide, pricing runs $750.00 to $1,000.00 per minute. So, the length of the show and the density of the shells and works during the fireworks display, determines the price.
  • It works well for you to identify a budget for your fireworks display. We will estimate the fixed cost for your site and give you all the shells we can within your budget.
  • Before you book your event site, please contact us so we can do a little research to determine if we can shoot a show at that location.
  • Please understand we are in the entertainment business and want to make your display as AWESOME as possible and within the budget you give us to work with.
  • So, there are no maximum limits on what we can do for you and your special day. Every show is unique and is customized to your preferences. No two shows are alike.
  • Phone: (620) 663-7714
  • FAX: (800) 884-1218
  • Address: 76 Plum Avenue Inman, KS 67546
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Before you go out and have fun, be sure to check out this video onĀ Fireworks Safety

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