We import our products directly from international manufacturers. We visit their factories, review their newest products and work closely with them to create the best quality fireworks with unique effects at reasonable prices.

Having thousands of varieties to offer, we can assure that you are getting the best selection of fireworks available for your shows. Featuring shells that break into a multitude of colors and other unique patterns like hearts, happy faces, stars and willows, the assortment of effects we carry is unbeatable.

No matter where we purchase our fireworks, the safety of our customers has always been a top priority and every effort is made to assure the highest quality fireworks pass through our warehouse to our customers.

We sell only to Licensed Professionals. Due to strict regulations we are unable to complete online sales, please contact our office to place your product orders.

Are you interested in purchasing fireworks from us but don’t have your Federal Explosives License? No worries! We are happy to explain the process to you and answer your questions so you can get your license and buy the highest quality, most colorful, biggest booming fireworks available (ours). If you would like to get your license, please send us an email to [email protected] requesting an informational packet to get you started.