4″ Double Assorted Shell


4″ Double Assorted Shell


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4″ Double Assorted Shells includes:Changing Color to Cherry Blossom / Gamboge Chrys to Varigated,Chrys Blooming / Color Chrys – Purple and Gold/Dragon Eggs Crackling – Crackling Blue Peony / Dragon Eggs Crackling – Crackling Green Peony Green Flower Rain / Blue Flower Rain
White Flower Rain / Color Flower Rain Brocade Crown to Purple / Brocade Crown to Red/Brocade Crown w/ Silver Strobing Pistil / Brocade Crown/Silver Crown w/ Crackling Star / Silver Crown w/ Small Flowers/Silver Crown – Blue / Silver Crown – Green/Red Gamboge to Two Color Changing w/ Pistil to Green to Gold w/ Gold Pistil / Special Ring- Three Atomic Rings (Red, Blue and Gold)/Willow – Crackling Rain Willow / Willow – Glittering Big Willow
Yellow Willow / Purple Willow,Dragon Eggs Crackling – Blue to Crackling Crossette / Dragon Eggs Creackling – Green to Crackling Crossette,Dragon Eggs Creackling – Red to Gold Crackling Crossette / China Storm,Varigated Attack and Silver Strobe / Golden Wave to Color Peony- To Red to Silver,Floating Snow / Green Firefly,Blue Dahlia / Purple Dahlia Red Chrys / Gold Chrys



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