Multi-Shot Cakes – 120 Shot Mixed Cake


Multi-Shot Cakes -120 Shot Mixed Cake

.5″ x 9″/40 seconds


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Multi-Shot Cakes – 120 Shot Mixed Cake-

MIXED red tail crackling to green strobe red dahlia, red tail crackling red dahlia navy blue strobe, red tail crack red coco crackling, purple tail crackling purple coco crackling, green crackling green coco crackling, blue stars gold willow bouquet crackling gold willow, silver tail crackling lemon dahlia chrys

.5″ x 9″/40 seconds

Cake – Known as repeaters or multi-shot aerials. Several tubes are lit in sequence from a single fuse. Beautiful aerial effects, including spinners, flower bouquets and comets can be seen from cakes.



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